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Yathra Chodikkathe Review

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Yathra Chodikkathe Review

Yathra Chodikkathe is one of the Malayalam films that released today and the film got the attention of the audience for one reason. It is the last movie of late actor Kalabhavan Mani. The film thus bagged an emotional attachment from the people of Kerala towards it. It has been directed by Aneesh Varma who is a debutant director and scripted by Haripad Harilal. Along with Kalabhavan Mani, actors like Sadik, Reena Basheer, Sreekumar, Manuraj, Kannan Pattambi, Anil Panachooran etc also played important role in this film.

The plot of the film revolves around Balan, played by Kalabhavan Mani and his wife character Indira played by Reena Basheer. They had a daughter named Ponnu and the parents want her to reach heights through studies. They are from Kuttanad. So they send her to Ernakulam for higher studies and there she gets a gift from a boy in the form of a mobile phone. That gift makes her fall in a trap and the film follows what happens next to Ponnu and her parents, Balan and Indira.

We have to say that Aneesh Varma had become successful in making a decent film even though the theme of the film is an old one. But he presented it with intensity and the subject has great relevance in our society as well. The dialogues were a bit dramatic and it was a negative of the film. And also at some parts audience may feel that the makeup of Kalabhavan mani in incomplete. If the technical side was better, then the film can be a better one as well.

Kalabhavan Mani had given a great performance as Balan and specially, the emotional scenes were terrific. Each and every one will really miss him after watching this performance for sure. Reena Basheer, Meenu Kuryan, Sadik etc also done a very good job even though no one matched up to Mani’s performance. The climax portion was really good and the film gives a message for us regarding the plight of girls who goes away from home for higher studies and the traps waiting for them. It also points towards the flaws of Indian Judicial system through some scenes. Kaithapram Vishwanadhan Namboothiri and Ajith Sukumaran had given the music for this flick and Ramachandran was the DOP of the film. Both department had given satisfactory results.

In Total, Yathra Chodikkathe is an ok and one time watchable emotional family drama, which tells a relevant subject through some great performance from Kalabhavan Mani. If you want to see the glimpse of that great talent from Mani for the last time, Yathra Chodikkathe is one for you.

Director : Aneesh Varma
Release Date : 08/04/2016
Cast : Kalabhavan Mani, Reena Basheer

Review : Abhilash Kiran

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