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Sand city is the new film that got released on January 2 Friday, 2015. The film was directed by none other than Actor Shanker, whose first film as a director was ‘Keralolsavam’, which was not received well at box office. Vinu Mohan was the hero in Keralolsavam. When comes to ‘Sand City’ from Keralolsavam, Shanker had improved a lot as a director and we can see it in the story telling in this film.

New comers Prajin, Varuna Shetty and Thanushka  does the lead roles in this film and Thanushka was very good indeed. The film tells the story of non -resident Indians in the United Arab Emirates. We already saw some touching stories about their life in films like Arabikadha directed by Lal Jose and Gaddama helmed by Kamal. Sand city is focusing on the life and friendship of those people living abroad. It’s the story of two characters Anand and Mansoor, their life,love and the problems which arises in their life with the romance of Mansoor. James and  Swamy  are the names of other characters who shares the room with Mansoor and Anand.

The story moves forward in a good pace with very beautiful visuals and the script is such that it makes us move along with the film. Song sequences are also good and the artist’s performance was satisfying. Even though they gave us a feel of acting here and there, they did their best to make it look good. But the background scoring was not up to the mark as it became an obstacle at many places for the audience to watch the film smoothly. The flow of the film is somehow disturbed by the unimaginative background scoring at times.

Prajin does the character named Mansoor and Thanushka played the character named Poornnima. Both have done a good job considering their inexperience. But if the film had a good star cast with some popular stars in the mix, it would have got more theaters and more attention from the common audience. The film totally was not a big thing to be cherished. But it was a courageous attempt by Shanker to tell a different story. We saw many talented and experienced film makers delivering utter craps with great artists last year. When we consider that, Sand city is a one -time watchable small film for film lovers.

Director : Shanker
Release Date : 2/1/2015
Cast : Prajin,Varuna Shetty, Thanushka

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