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Loham Review

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At last Loham arrived today to grace the Silver screens all over India after much waiting and anticipation. You all know why all those anticipation was for. It’s a Mohanlal film and adding more to that attraction it is a Ranjith directorial as well. Mohanlal’s twirled Moustache looks and mass teaser of the film raised the expectation. But Ranjith and Mohanlal told the media very early that this film is not about any mass action scenes or twirled moustache avatar celebrating the manliness of Mohanlal. To say honestly that is what happened in the film as well, the movie was not even mass or had the class subject like Ranjith said before .

Mohanlal’s character name in the film is Raju and he comes as a taxi driver to pick up someone called Jayanti from Kochi International Airport who is coming from Mumbai. Andrea Jeremiah played Jayanti’s role. Jayanti came here in search of her missing husband who is a customs officer in Calicut international airport. Meanwhile there is also a parallel track which was running about gold smuggling which involves an upcoming politician from Delhi played by Ajmal Ameer, Muhammadunni played by Siddique and some others who are involved in this smuggling whose characters are played by Suresh Krishna, Joju George, Krishna etc. The story gets in track when Mohanlal’s character Raju comes in to the way of the smugglers with a mysterious mission of his own and Raju has a team as well for settling things which includes characters played by Abu Salim, Renji Panicker etc. There the story takes its turn and goes in a thrilling pursuit over the yellow metal.

Mohanlal was just fabulous as Raju and has some other identities as well which we do not intend to reveal here. He took the film to another level with his all-around performance. His comedy numbers, action sequences and dialogues were too good. Another notable performance was from Siddique and he really stole the show with his brilliant comic timing and one liners. Others also did well and no actor let us down if their performance is concerned. Siddique and a character named Babu was the interesting core of this Lalettan movie on screen, other than Lalettan. It was overall interesting to watch these actors perform their characters in the best way.

The first half and specially the interval punch has been terrific, interesting and thrilling. The second half also went well and ends up in a ok climax. There is no lag in the film at all. But the negative we found was that the second half became a bit more predictable than the first half and even though the film had ended up with a decent climax that predictable nature reduced its impact a bit. But the reason for this predictable nature can be the hype created by the movie before its release. The publicity stunts including the moustache picture of Lalettan which was viral in social media made the difference.

The DOP by Kunjunni S Kumar and background scoring by Rajamani was average and Ranjith as a director shows his class once again with this massive thrilling effect. His script was also very good and the dialogues were pinpointed as well. Being a director Ranjith has again wondered everyone with his way of presenting. Music by Sreevalsan J Menon remained only to an average level as Loham dealt something more.

Loham is made for the fans and the elements you want is in it and it will never make you bore or yawn inside the cinema hall. To all the people who have high expectation please don’t expect a Narasimham or Aaram Thamburan kind of movie but Loham itself is an experience and a moderate expectation can make you feel a lot better. It will never let you down as a fan or a neutral spectator. The mannerisms, expressions of Lalettan will just make you flow with the movie. Watch it at the theatres and enjoy !

Director : Ranjith
Release Date : 20/8/2015
Cast : Mohanlal, Siddique, Ranji Panicker

Review : Harikrishnan

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