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Shyama Prasad hits out at yellow journalism of a film magazine

Syamaprasad about Nivin Pauly-Shyama Prasad hits out at yellow journalism of a film magazine-Onlookers Media

Director Shyama Prasad had hits out through his Facebook page against the filthy yellow journalism of a film magazine which really manipulated the things he said to make their reach more and more. The issue began with an interview of director Shyama Prasad to that film magazine which they published with the title that Shyama Prasad had said that Prithviraj is a great actor and Nivin Pauly was not up to the mark in the light of his experience in Ivide in which he worked with both the actors.

Even though a good film Ivied did not received well at box office and it had really bowed down in front of the fabulous success got by Nivin Pauly starrer Premam directed by the Neram director Alphonse Puthren. In social media there was already a discussion about the performances of Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly as Ivide is more of a performance oriented film and almost all the people is of the opinion that when compared to Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly is not as good as an actor.

But the media published the news that the director Shyama Prasad himself said that in an interview with them and they made it the headline of the news. But actually when we search the contents of that interview there was nothing and not in any place in that interview Shyama Prasad had said like that comparing Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly.
He had come out through his Facebook status about telling the truth and he said that a third crate Malayalam film magazine had sensationalized this fake news by making it their title of the news. The content of the news has nothing like those in the title and Shyama Prasad said that this yellow journalism from the part of that magazine cannot make a lie the truth.

He said that Nivin Pauly is smart enough to not to believe it and according to him Nivin Pauly is a good actor and he had high hopes on him as an actor in the coming future. Shyama Prasad said that he is writing the post to make everyone aware of what the truth is and don’t believe in the gimmicks of such yellow medias which only aims at selfish gains.

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