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Operation Savari Giri Giri plan with a Mohanlal touch

Operation Savari Giri Giri plan with a Mohanlal touch

After the much discussed operation Sulaimani conceived by the district administration of Kozhikode, specially by the District Collector N Prashant to give food to everyone in Kozhikode city, another plan is all set to work there. The operation Sulaimani came from the thought of giving food to everyone who are hungry and the thought was taken from the film Usthad Hotel as the character played by Thilakan says about sulaimani and the love which related with it. The aim of hunger-free city was behind the thought and they did their best to make it work as well and received a good success.

The new plan is titled as Savari Giri Giri aim at ensuring safe journey to school children. As per the plan it will focus on the safe journey of students from home to school and then back from school to home safely in private buses. The Private bus association also found it an amicable and feasible method as it is equally favourable to the students as well as the bus operators. The phrase Savari Giri Giri is one of the most popular phrase in Kerala uttered by Mohanlal in a super successful movie directed by Ranjith which was released in 2001. It was from the film Ravana Prabhu and the catchy phrase by Mohanlal was and is still celebrated all over Kerala.

Mohanlal was earlier chosen as the ambassador of Kerala Road Safety Project by the Kerala Government. The Collector announced this project almost a month ago through his facebook page and he also said that this will be a small start just before a big step titled Varavelppu which is to be implemented very soon. The term Varavelppu also happened to be the name of a super successful Mohanlal film.

The reach and impact anything related to Mohanlal directly or indirectly is the one factor related to choosing these titles along with the idea those title conveys. The District Collector N Prashant is reportedly writing a script with Mohanlal in the lead role and it will be directed by the master director IV Sasi on his comeback trail to Mollywood.

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