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Actor Suriya assaulted innocent boy

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Actor Suriya assaulted innocent boy

An allegation against actor Suriya had come from Tamil Nadu which states that the actor had assaulted an innocent boy last day. As per report, a boy named Prem Kumar was assaulted by Suriya last day when he was in the middle of the road settling an accident which involved his bike.

Prem Kumar said that he was coming on his bike after a Football match in college. Suddenly the car which was going in front him made a sudden break and the bike crashed in to the back of the car. Then, there occurred an argument between him and the lady who drove the car.

Then, actor Suriya’s car came by that way and he stopped there. He came out from the car and slapped boy on his face without asking what really happened. When people asked him why he slapped that young boy who is innocent in this issue, Suriya went away without giving any reply.

The boy had lodged a complaint against the actor in nearby police station and Police had started the investigation as well. People at the venue of that issue says that what the boy telling is true and it was a mistake from the part of Suriya. He had took the law in his hand and assaulted a poor boy without checking what really the matter which was going on there.

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